• Advanced Seminars for Textile Industry

    International Cooperation in Production Capacity


  • Introduction

    What is the program ?

    This program opens to “one belt one road” industries, governments and universities, aims to serve the internationalization strategies of relevant enterprises, establishes a stage for cultural and information exchange, and provides intellectual support for the international production transfer of small and middle-sized enterprises.


    Mar.10, 2017 - Mar.29, 2017

    20 students (including corporate executive, advanced engineers, academic experts) from 8 countries attended the 1st program.


    Mar.15, 2018 – Apr.6, 2018

    27 students (including corporate executive, advanced engineers, academic experts, desinger) from 12 countries attend the 2nd program.


    Mar.21, 2019 - Apr. 10, 2019

    16 students (including including corporate executive, advanced engineers, academic experts) from 11 countries attend the 3rd program.

    2020 Recruiting

    • Duration: to be determined

    • Entry Requirements: 25 persons, non-Chinese citizenship in good health; senior management or research staff in foreign enterprises, government organizations, association etc.

    • Fees: cost in tuition, accommodation (on-campus hotel, double room), catering and activities will be covered in the program (supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission). Trainees need to bear the round trip travelling expenses and daily personal expenses on their own.

    • How to Apply:

      Submit 2020 Application form.pdf by email to jilu@mail.dhu.edu.cn. Please fill in the application form in English capital letters.

    • Application deadline: Jan.3, 2020

    • Contact person: Ms. Judy, tel: 62378595-13, email: jilu@mail.dhu.edu.cn

  • Contents

    The program is composed of 4 modules.

    Lectures and visits may be adjusted slightly according to the real situation.


    Frontier of Textile Industry and International Cooperation


    • Internationalization strategy of Shanghai Textile Group

    • B&R and Innovative design thinking

    • Creativity and Economics

    • Transnational investment FDI or ODI?

    • "B&R" in textile industry

    Culture Practice:

    • Explore Shanghai


    Shanghai City Spirit

    Enterprise Visits:

    • Shanghai Stock Exchange

    • Shanghai Ganglian Internet Co. Ltd

    • Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

    • Yanshan Deep-water Port

    Lectures & Workshops:

    • Chinese life dialogue and Chinese character culture

    • Chinese calligraphy writing

    Culture Practice:

    • Water Town in Southern China: Wuzhen


    Chinese Culture and System


    • China'a opening up and export-oriented economy

    • International markerting of Chinese enterprises

    • Chinese traditional cultural

    • Shanghai Fashion Art


    • Chinese traditional art


    Research on China's Textile Industry

    Enterprise Research:

    • Zhangjiagang

    • Yangzhou

    Culture Practice:

    • Yangzhou

  • Professors

    Wang Hua


    Research Fields:

    • Intelligent Clothing and Textile Design

    • World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Textiles

    • Functional Textiles

    • Natural Textile Materials

    Qiu Yi Ping


    Research Fields:

    • 3D Textile Structure

    • Fiber Surface and Interface

    • Nano fibers and Nano materials

    • Green composites

    Xu Ming


    Research Fields:

    • Service Management

    • Quality Management

    • Innovation Management

    • Marketing Management

    • Tourism Management

    Gu Qing Liang


    Research Fields:

    • Marketing Management

    • Consumption Economy

    • Textile and Garment Industry Economy

    Yan Cheng Zhong


    Research Fields:

    • Human Resource Management

    • Regional Economic Development

    • Business Communication

    Zhao Xiao Lin


    Research Fields:

    • Corpus Linguistics

    • Contrastive Inter-language analysis

  • Practice

    The program may cover the following enterprise visits and culture practice.

    Shanghai Textile Group

    Founded in 1992, Shanghai Textile Development Corporation. Ltd is an investment management corporation devoted to such core trades as financial investments, high-end industries, housing development, etc.

    Jiangsu Sunshine Group

    The world’s largest-scale group that produces fine wool textiles and high-grade garments, is the only national-grade innovative enterprise in China’s wool textile industry. It enjoys China’s largest production scale, best product quality and technical equipment.

    Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ)

    Located in Pudong New Area, is a regional free trade zone founded on Sept 29, 2013. The State Council decided on December 28, 2014 to expand SHFTZ by incorporating Lujiazui Financial Area, Jinqiao Development Subzone, and Zhangjiang High Tech Subzone, enlarging the SHFTZ from 28.78 square kilometers to 120.72 square kilometers.

    Song Brocade Cultural Industry Park

    The Song Brocade Cultural Industry Park is China’s first silk cultural industry park themed around Song brocades. Song brocades, together with Yun brocades of Nanjing and Shu brocades of Sichuan, are known as China’s top three famous brocades.

    China Art Museum

    China Art Museum is housed in the former China Pavilion of Expo 2010. It is the one of the largest art museums in Asia. The China Art Museum has a collection of about 14,000 artworks, mainly of Chinese modern art.

    Shanghai Stock Exchange

    Shanghai Stock Exchange is the world's 5th largest stock market and 2nd largest in East Asia and Asia. It is a non-profit organization directly administered by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

    The Humble Administrator’s Garden

    The Humble Administrator's Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous of the gardens of Suzhou. It is the largest garden in Suzhou and is considered by some to be the finest garden in all of southern China.

    Water Town in Sourthern China: Wuzhen

    Wuzhen lies at the north of Tongxiang City. This small town, with its black tiled and timber framework houses, contrasts sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, bringing to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting.

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