• Online Chinese Language Program

    Online Chinese Language Program

    Session 3 & 4

    This Upcoming Summer

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  • Program Introduction

    Study Duration



    • Session 3: June. 22 – July. 24, 2020
    • Session 4: July. 27 – Aug. 28, 2020
    • Session 1: Mar. 30 – May. 1, 2020
    • Session 2: May. 11 – Jun. 12, 2020

    Online Course Schedule


    From Monday to Friday, 3 hours per day, 75 hours per session


    Multiple time slots are available to choose, each time slot is three hours, during which teachers will keep online teaching and interaction. Students can choose to participate in a fixed time slot based on their time zones and their personal schedule. The online teaching schedule is in Beijing time, and the specific starting time will be slightly modified according to the operation of the platform or the network conditions.


    • Application Fee: CNY 200 
    • Tuition: CNY 3000/session; CNY 5800/two sessions
  • Program Features

    Real-time Interaction

    Unlike the regular offline Chinese language programs, Program W is tailored based on online teaching modes and features. Two teachers in charge of each class and the teachers will follow up on the learning situation of each student and will adjust the course accordingly to ensure the best learning outcomes.

    Rich in Cultural Experience

    A variety of colorful Chinese cultural lectures and cultural activities will be held, and a mysterious cultural package from China will be delivered to you across the ocean. Regardless of the social distance, the cultural experience is still within reach.

    Original Learning Resources

    Original course materials are available for download anywhere and anytime. Practical and interesting course contents bring more social opportunities and meanwhile emphasize students’ learning experience and a sense of achievement.

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  • Homework Collection

    Gifted homework from our talented students.

    Join us and release your amazing creativity!

    Session 2

    What is your favorite motto?

    Session 2

    Let's fall into the charm of traditional clothes!

    Session 2

    Colorful life in Shanghai!

    Session 2

    Enjoying international cuisine virtually might be the best way to learn about the culture for a foodie!

    Session 2

    Explore the destinations through the eyes of our students. Let's go!

    Session 2

    The Online Cultural Festival went virtually this year. Share the traditions in your culture with your peers!

    Session 2

    Let's talk about hobbies! Make friends that share the same hobbies as you!

    Session 1

    Cartoons, celebrities, history...

    What is your hobby?

    Session 1

    Let’s travel virtually!

    Session 1

    Online shopping - a trendy

    topic during the pandemic.

    Session 1

    Surely you will never

    get bored in this online Program.

    Session 1

    Check out the E-books 

    created by our current students!

    Session 1

    Cuisine, fashion, house...

    Topics you don’t want to miss!

  • Activities Collection

    See how those colorful activities will enrich your virtual social life.

    Session 2

    Let's vlog to keep these exciting and meaningful moments!

    Session 2

    Poems are culture teasures in Chinese history. Read aloud them together could be a fun and perfect way to learn Chinese.

    Session 1

    Enjoy the chorus by students from W4 classes. Although physically apart, our hearts are always together.

    Session 1

    Well-known songs that cheer you up and give you power.

    Session 1

    Can't believe that lives at home could be so fun! Watch these Vlogs by students of online program.

  • Teaching Plan and Class Levels

  • Chinese in Real Life

    Original learning resources are available anytime online.

    Click here to view more.

    Interested in a study program and want to know how to make a course inquiry?

    Which one do you prefer? Basketball or badminton?

    Do you know that the university offers school shuttle services that bring a lot of convenience?

    Bank cards are essential if you live in China. Check out this useful topic.

    Don’t know what to talk about? The weather is always a great choice!

    Enjoy traveling? Share your travel experience with us!

    What are your considerations when renting an apartment? Probably price, location, and more...

    Asking for a repairment - a situation that you are likely to meet with.

    Talk about your learning situation helps you achieve better academic performance.

    A festival that is unique in China. Share your feelings with your friends!

  • Relevant Affairs

    Software & Hardware Support

    Mobile phones or computers, headsets and microphones, smooth Internet connection, which can support online voice interaction. Better install WeChat App and be able to use the relevant online teaching and interaction platforms.


    After completing the courses and pass the evaluation, students will get a completion certificate of Program W (delivered in the electronic version).


    Student visa and accommodation services are not involved in this program; hence the university will not provide any relevant proof documents.

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    Prepare in advance the electronic ID photo and the scanned passport information page, then register a personal account at admissions.dhu.edu.cn and complete the "Personal Information", as well as the "Academic Information".


    Pay the Application Fee

    After receiving a confirming email, log in your personal account at admissions.dhu.edu.cn and pay the application fee online (Visa, Master, UnionPay, WeChat or Alipay). The application fee is non-refundable in any case.


    Online Chinese Level Test and the Audition Class

    An online Chinese level test is required to be completed to help you enter the appropriate class level. A free audition class will be held before tuition payment. Please pay close attention to your WeChat and email as they will be the primary ways of contact.


    Confirm to Join and Pay the Tuition

    If you decide to join the program after the audition class, log in your personal account at admissions.dhu.edu.cn and pay the tuition online (Visa, Master, UnionPay, Wechat or Alipay). The paid tuition is non-refundable in any case.

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