• Dutch Business Group

    Building Partnerships in China - AMSIB + ICES

    European Shanghai Summer Group

    An experience that will change your worldview

  • Dutch Business Group

    Building Partnerships in China - AMSIB + ICES

    • Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) - a faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. In this program, students learn the skills needed for building professional relationships in an international context and experience it in practice.
    • Two times each year respectively in May-June and Nov.-Dec., AMSIB faculties accompany a group of students to spend four weeks in Shanghai, join business lectures and mandarin courses offered by International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of Donghua University, as well as team up with Donghua’s Chinese students to carry out the field investigation assigned by Dutch businesses and organizations, in order to help the companies to explore the Chinese market.
    • The cooperation between ICES and AMSIB on this program started from 2008. Until now, there are more than 750 Dutch and Chinese students have involved in its 19 groups.
  • European Shanghai Summer School

    --- Chinese Language and Culture


    Getting to know the Chinese language is an excellent starting point for the discovery of a new culture, for encountering interesting people, and last but not least, development of one’s own starting points for the future. Learning Chinese is the central theme of the summer school.


    Colorful lectures and workshops help you understand Chinese culture and be immersed into Chinese society. Meanwhile, you will meet new friends from worldwide, experience a lot of cultures and local life, and have a lot of fun here in this city.


    Shanghai is a city where East and West and different cultures of the world meet. A special synergy gives the city an unforgettable atmosphere, which seductively encourages numerous foreigners, hungry for challenges, to choose Shanghai for their path to success.

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    Colorful activities and experience Chinese culture



    Focusing on both input and output


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