Chinese Traditional Costume Program (CTCP)

  • Introduction

    What is 3S-CTCP ?

    The Chinese Traditional Costume Program (3S-CTCP) hosted by Donghua University (DHU) is a sub-program of Shanghai Summer School. It aims to help the participants gain a profound understanding of Chinese traditional costumes as well as their modern development. Shanghai municipal government will offer a certain financial support.

  • Contents

    What You Will Experience in 4 Weeks



    Lectures includes Chinese traditional costume art, history, comparison between Chinese and western art, Shanghai style fashion trend and innovation, etc.



    Assignments consist of in-class preparation and field investigation. Field trips to the museums, fashion studio, etc. will be guided with professional introduction.



    Mandarin course offering basic language knowledge for surviving in Shanghai as well as the apparel contents for helping one understand what will be appreciated during the visits.



    Cultural experience will highlight the features of Chinese traditional culture, such as calligraphy or painting, tea ceremony, traditional dress try-on or making, etc.



    Students from different countries will form teams in order to explore to get inspirations, prepare and work together on a series of fashion creation portfolio

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    Duration: 4 weeks during June to July , 2020

    Venue: DHU’s downtown campus (No. 1882 west Yan’an Road)

    Deadline of Partner Universities' Nomination: Mar. 31, 2020

    Application Period: after the nomination ~ April. 15, 2020

  • Testimonials

    Listen to What They Say About Their Experiences from 3S-CTCP

  • "I have spent a much better understanding of Chinese fashion and its role in the global market. I have seen so many inspiring things and I am eager to begin using more Chinese silhouettes and motifs in traditionally western products. This program has been extremely beneficial toward design aesthetic I am eager to share my experiences."

    "Before coming to China I had no clue about the Chinese way of life, culture and society. I expected to get to know a very diverse country and in fact it was much more than I thought. The stay in China has made me more flexible and cosmopolitan, as I’m able to adapt to Chinese lifestyle. I discovered Chinese language, values and manners, which enables me to build an opinion and treat eastern culture with respect. Also inter-cultural experiences with students from all over the world have been a great enrichment. It was great to do group work with all the different students. Working on a project together we have improved our English language skills, presentation skills and team-work. The course also gave me a new perspective to deal with design work, as I got to know different work methods and of course lots of inspiration to take back home. All in all it was a great program and I feel very lucky to have been invited to study abroad."

    "Being here for a month has really given me a great idea of what it is like to live here. Shanghai is such a beautiful city and has so much to offer. My favorite part of this city is that each neighborhood is so different from the last. You can get a sense of the old shanghai, the modern shanghai and you can begin to see future shanghai. Getting to meet so many other students from around the world, and explore shanghai with them was also a great learning experience. I think I learned just as much from the other students as I did from the lectures in this program. This is truly an experience that has changed my life and I will never forget it! Thank you so much for such a great summer----I love SH!"

  • Practice

    Each year places for practice will be selected from the followings and may adjust slightly according to the real situation.

    Shanghai Museum of Textile & Costume


    Leaves Fashion Qipao Boutique

    金枝玉叶 旗袍

    Shanghai Museum


    Plaza 66, West Nanjing Road


    South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market


    ICICLE Fashion Group


    China National Silk Museum (Hangzhou)


    Textile Library (Hangzhou)


    Suzhou Museum


    Suzhou No1. Silk Factory


    Watertown Zhu Jia Jiao


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